Boutique Teacup Puppies Micro Adult Tiny Maltese Available!

We rarely have adults for sale at Boutique Teacup Puppies but, we do now. We have 1 Male 15 months old Name Dominick and one Female 12 months old Named Lilian. Gorgeous Top Quality Micro Teacup Maltese.


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" Micro Teacup Maltese For Sale"

Lilian Amazing Micro Teacup Maltese For Sale

Lilian is an amazing quality Micro Teacup Maltese. At just 1 year she only weighs 1.8 pounds and is stunning in every way. Total Show Stopper.  She is in full coat, has short baby doll face, Short legs, and nice cobby body. Very immaculate little girl.  So tiny you can take anywhere. She has had all vaccinations and rabies and up to date with all her health evaluations. She is an amazing little girl and is available now for her home. If you are looking for Luxury well here she is. Her price is expensive but, so is her quality. She is a one of a kind. Call us at 1-888-743-0325 to reserve Baby Lilian. Such an amazing baby girl.


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Micro Teacup Maltese For Sale

Amazing Dominick Immaculate Luxury Quality Maltese For Sale in Full Coat

One of the best Micro Teacup Male Maltese Boutique Teacup Puppies has ever had. Immaculate thick coat, short baby face, huge round eyes, and a total prince. He is simply fabulous with his thick luxurious coat, fabulous short back, cobby body and legs, and total Perfection. He is amazing quality and is full grown at 2 pounds. He has no tear stain and his coat is in top notch condition! Simply do die for micro teacup Maltese. He has nice short back, shot legs and fabulous! You will not find better than this amazing boy. His price is Platinum so please only inquire if you are serious buyer. Contact us at 1-888-743-0325.

Maltese Breed Information including Maltese Characteristics

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The Maltese is a small, hardy dog with silky hair. The body is compact, fine-boned, but sturdy and slightly longer than it is tall with a level top line. The chest is deep. The skull is slightly rounded on the top with a moderate stop. The medium length muzzle tapers, but not to a point. The pendant, low-set ears are set close to the head and heavily feathered. The black eyes are large, round and set moderately apart with dark rims. The nose is black with open nostrils. The dog has a silky, single layer coat that is white or light ivory. When kept long and groomed like a show dog, it hangs flat, long over the sides of the body almost to the ground (about 8½ inches (22cm.)) hanging on each side of a center part line and is not wavy, curly or kinky. A lot of owners choose to cut the coat into a short, easy care puppy cut.